Pubbing and Clubbing take on a new meaning when you are in Hero No 1, indubitably the best club in Rajouri Garden. It is also the Best lounge in Rajouri Garden. Relax. Chill. Party. Swing and dance. There is nothing you cannot do here in the finest club in Rajouri Garden created with you and your pleasure in mind. We understand how hard people work and the need for relaxation. As the night club in Delhi preferred by the with-it and happening crowd, we aim to do more than please. We shall do it your way when you want to celebrate. Just give us a hint.

Hero No 1 makes you feel like a hero. Not that filmy heros are not to be found here. When they are in Delhi Hero No 1 is their hangout. Feel elevated and lift up your spirits at the best lounge in Rajouri Garden.

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